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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is residential treatment?

Residential treatment is the term used to denote a programme where the service user books into the centre and spends the entire programme onsite (including nights and weekends).

What are the different kinds of substance recovery options available?

  • In-Patient treatment programme
  • Out-patient treatment programme
  • Aftercare programme

What should I expect while being treated for substance dependency?

Treatment for substance dependency is all about lifestyle change; the majority of people entering recovery will experience some upheaval due to this, however this is temporary and can be easily managed with on-going assistance (this is where the aftercare programme becomes essential).

Service users entering the programme can expect to find a centre staffed with helpful and compassionate professionals who are committed to providing a holistic and relevant start to your recovery.

Can I leave recovery once admitted?

Recovery is a lifelong process, essentially anyone choosing to leave recovery does so by ‘relapsing’ into the addictive behaviours they were engaged in during active addiction.  Recovery requires a full time commitment to this lifestyle change and as such is not a process that can be neglected.

All treatment programmes are voluntary, and as such are not compulsory. If the service user chooses to leave the programme it is at their own choice. However, the longer you stay in a programme the more chance you have of your recovery being more stable and long term.

How long is the program?

In-patient programme is 21/28 days and includes medical detoxification (SANCA is one of the only treatment centres in the Eastern Cape that is registered to offer a full medical detoxification).

Out-patient programme is 8 weeks long consisting of 1 individual therapy session per week.

The Aftercare programme is as long as you want it to be (we recommend that this programme be no shorter than 4 months though). This programme includes active participation in the support group that happens every Thursday at 6pm.

What do I bring to recovery?

An open mind and a willingness to commit to a new lifestyle that is substance free.

What type of involvement should my family have with my treatment program?

Support is vitally important in the treatment process, we therefore encourage family and loved ones to have an active role in the programme. This also assists family members to deal with the changes that they will go through whilst the service user is in the treatment programme.

Part of the treatment programme is making amends for what has occurred during active addiction, and most often this requires the participation of family and loved ones.

Can my family or friends visit me in the recovery center?

Yes, we encourage family and loved ones to participate. However, there is a limit to the number of people that can visit each service user, and these visitors are subject to our rules and regulations at the centre in order to protect all service users.

The visitors are selected by the service user on admission and only those chosen will be allowed to visit.

What happens after addiction recovery?

There is no after addiction recovery – recovery is lifelong.

However the service user is discharged from the treatment programme after a period of time and is then encouraged to enter into the aftercare programme.

Will my information be kept confidential?

All information is confidential! SANCA is guided by the Protection of Personal information Act 4 of 2013. All service users sign a confidentiality agreement on the date of their first intervention that outlines the specifics of what SANCA is guided by.

What languages are available?

SANCA is capable of offering programmes in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.

Do you have a recovery program for children and teens?

SANCA has an out-patient programme for children and teens, but those requiring in-patient treatment are referred to the youth treatment centre in Port Elizabeth (the In-patient programme at SANCA Central Eastern Cape is only registered for those 18years and older).

Things you’ll do in Substance Dependency Recovery?

Cry, laugh, joke, process, learn, forgive, admit, think, listen, imagine, work, engage, interact, grow…

What is the intake process like?

SANCA has tried to make the intake process as efficient as possible, however there are certain things that are requirements for the individual to enter into a programme.

The VERY first step – an assessment has to occur before any form of treatment programme can be recommended or decided upon. This assessment can be scheduled by phoning the office and making an appointment.

During the assessment the process for the programme chosen will be discussed with the service user and family who have attended the assessment.